Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Mistakes can be made

Hello dear friends,

As we continue to learn the french language and indeed learn more about the french people we realise just how we think something is sorted and about to happen and horror of horrors it doesn't happen, for example: today we thought the nurse was coming to the house to do John's blood test so we got up at 7h30 for her arrival at 8h30, it is now 10h05 and she hasn't arrived so, what do we do, Poor John has not had so much as a cup of tea as it is a blood test for diabetes.
Go back 3 months when he had his last test and the Dr had given him a prescription for a test every 3 months for a year so the nurse that did it gave us a slip of paper with his next appointment on definitely for today 18th Oct at 8h30.
As you can see from my pic of the slip of paper left by the nurse it says 8h30 26/7 and an arrow pointing to today.

so what has happened should we have actually made the appointment? The worst part for John is he hates needles so has to take a tablet to calm him, therefore he is out cold, there will be no one in the nurses office until tomorrow morning so we will have to go tomorrow and try to sort it out.
Every time anything like this goes wrong I say we must get this language sorted so guess what we will be doing this afternoon!

Have you had a strange experience with the language?

PS :: 10h50 and she has just been, of course the calmer had warn off but all was good.


  1. Oh dear! It looks like a mixup by the nurse, not a language misunderstanding. I'm glad it got taken care of today.
    Maybe some meditation or other trick to get over the needles? I can't bear them either, but I force myself to be very calm and still and look away and think about something else. If the nurse is good, you barely feel it.
    My dad had diabetes. Not fun.

  2. Glad you are now sorted my friend. I too hate needles, even if someone else is having them!! I need to be held down when I go, so I have every sympathy. Hopefully John has had some sustenance now. Keep well xxxxx

  3. Roz, I'm so glad she showed up so you didn't have to spend another day worrying about it. That is a good warning about the language though. I'd better work on it.

  4. glad all was well in the end, It is a good idea to pop in a couple of days before just to confirm the appointment.

    Hope all is well


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