Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Good Service

Hello dear readers,

I have probably posted about the fantastic service we get here in France before but I find it so lovely that I must give them credit again.

John and I have blood tests every 3 months due to diabetes, yesterday I walked into our local laboratoire without an appointment and got a blood test done within 5 minutes, now that is good service and I will have the results in the post by Wednesday,

 John is slightly different because he has a phobia with needles so he needs to have his done at home so that he can pass out in peace, so yesterday I popped into the nurses office (which is 100mtrs from our house) and booked his for this morning, over the months he is getting much better thanks to the doc giving him a relaxer tablet to take an hour before, appointment booked for Friday to get our repeat prescriptions and we are good to go for another 3 month.

Poor man, it isn't nice but I hope eventually he will overcome it ☺ 

the wine with his tea will help 😉

Please let me know what you think in the comments below.

Here is a blog I am following - so entertaining.



  1. I absolutely hate blood tests, but if you have a good technician and you look away, you probably won't know when they're doing it. A lab in Carcassonne has a TV in the room, so you just focus on that and honestly it was over before I realized it.
    I've never had to wait more than 15 minutes--always just walk-in.

  2. Poor John, I have to be held down to have a needle, blood tests are the worst! Can't stand seeing on the Telly, and have to stand I. The corner when we take the animals to the vets!! He has my sympathy. With regard to your good service, my job used to be head of patient experience for a large nhs Trust, and trust me you wouldn't get anywhere near that service in England!!!

    Keep well.

  3. I'm encouraged by the good medical service you get. I'm pretty sure you couldn't get a blood draw at home in the U.S. unless you were bedridden. Funny that you are so matter of fact about it, letting John pass out at home!

  4. Paul its we get health cover because we are in the EU for the moment and we have to pay a top up, if you are not in the EU then I guess healthcare might be expensive


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