Saturday, 2 July 2016

Dreams can be shattered

Dear readers
We have lived in France for 7 1/2 years now and built a good life here for ourselves, we are not rich (money wise) but we believe we are millionaires when it comes to our life together, our needs are simple, food on the table, good friends to share with and a roof over our heads, all of which we have.

We have a far better life here than we would have in England, we live in the countryside among the farming community in a house that is over 200 years old, we certainly couldn't  afford anything like it in England with the hyped up property prices in fact we would be lucky to afford a garden shed. Needless to say we want to stay here, we have wonderful neighbours and I believe we will live longer by being here.
So let's get to the reason for this particular blog and the worrying situation that we find ourselves in due to the incompetence of the English government, we are about to leave the EU which means for us that we may not be able to stay here, at the moment we get health care via our S1 from DWP, that would probably finish, we both need medication daily, plus they would probably freeze our pensions this along with the pound devaluing means we would not be able to afford to live, yes we could become French citizens but that means we would have to have better French, not so easy when you are in your late 60s as well as all the other hoops the French would have us jump through. I use the word probably because we don't know, no one has given us a second thought or answered any of our questions instead they are going to leave us in limbo for at least 2 years, and so we wait and try to enjoy what we have while we have it, I am hoping sense will prevail and they will listen and act on the petition with over 4 million signatures, so if you haven't yet signed please do unless you are in the leave camp of course and I respect that..if it all comes to fruition then we will all be coming back to Britain and we will all want somewhere to live and we will need benefits so brace yourselves...Until next time.


  1. Well, no need to respect anyone in the "Leave" camp!
    But seriously, Roz, I hope that you and your husband and so many others who have made a home in France will be patient and not let the anxiety over possible changes ruin your daily life now. I truly believe that the French will not be vindictive, especially to those who have already made France their home. If Brexit can't be overturned, there will be some humanity to the process. Expats from Britain have benefited the French economy greatly. Medical will certainly be a serious concern, but perhaps there will be policies offered that you can afford. Your French dream is still all around you. Believe in it and enjoy it every day.

  2. Thank you Kiwi for your kind words we really hope you are right,you have cheered me up a great deal x

  3. I know it's easy for me to say "Don't worry" but you must continue to enjoy your way of life. Have a nice big glass of wine and put your feet up in the garden.
    I can't predict what will happen but I know stress is not
    good for you. Enjoy the peace and quiet and save all the energy for when you need it. Love you and John loads. Next June we are in Spain, how long would it take for you to get to Malaga? We will only be there a week. Just a thought to give you something else to think about while you drink your wine! XxxxJanXxxx

  4. My dear cyber friend Roz please do not worry. This referendum has been so divisive I don't think it's going to be what it appears to be. Life will show you the way. Live life for today for you never know what tomorrow will bring. Sending a hug moira x

  5. Thanks Moira, I have got over the initial shock somewhat and settling down to enjoying our retirement as we should be doing x

  6. Thanks Jan,, we are ok and still doing what we do best, enjoying the wine, so its a holiday in Spain next year, no idea how long it would take us but we will look at it nearer the time, who knows we could be in America by then 😊


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