Sunday, 3 July 2016

Ah Sunday

Hello dear readers. 

It is Sunday, I don't know about you but I love Sunday's even now we are retired it is still a special day, the smell of lunch cooking takes me back to when I was a child and I guess to a time that was so much simpler. 

John waiting for his dinner

We were so care free then, living in a small village in Gloucestershire, I would get on my bike and ride for miles with friends, I had one friend who had a pony and so grew my love for riding and anything horsey, if my Mother had known that I was horse riding she would have grounded me for a month, she thought it was far too dangerous. We would play out all day (Mum would say "she will be home when she is hungry") and I was always hungry, I am a grazer so need to eat often, i didnt get to this size by not eating 😊 

Back to Sunday, I think it is a time when family and friends get together to enjoy a roast, I know our house was always full of family and friends and the only time we don't have a roast on a Sunday is when it is too hot, there is no other meal that smells like it, so as I cook our Sunday roast my mind floats away to dare I say, better times. But then i think, we are so lucky to be here in the French countryside and enjoying the same dinner so much, our French neighbour always says it smells so nice.

What takes you back, I would love to hear your stories...x


  1. On sundays, it is the smell of roast chicken which takes me back. I seem to remember a time (a zillion years ago) when chicken was more expensive than steak for some reason and it was a sunday dish in France. And by the way, I love a good English roast lunch too !

  2. Oh yes roast chicken is my favourite but it wasn't so readily available when we were children as it is today, we were lucky we had an uncle who had a farm so we had more than most, thank you for joining my blog I hope you enjoy it

  3. Roz, I love this reflection and glimpse into your French life, as well as your, British life. In my family, we always went to church on Sunday mornings, and we would stop to get chocolate shakes on the way home, along with the Sunday newspaper that had color comics.
    Come join in with Dreaming of France. Here’s my Dreaming of France meme

  4. As another lifelong horse and pony lover, I can relate to your desire to ride as a young girl. I was able to ride infrequently, but always loved to go to our friends' stable and just groom the horses in their stalls, even when no one was around. It was great to give them carrots or apple pieces on my open palm. To me, each one was like Pegasus, no matter how old or small.
    We always went to church on Sundays too, and I remember what a relief it was to get out of my dress and back to my tomboy clothes. We often had a roast as you did, like leg of lamb, or it might be something slow-cooked on the stovetop, like corned beef and cabbage. That cooking smell always takes me back, but I'm sure our neighbors would prefer the scent of roast lamb! Nice roasts like lamb and prime rib are prohibitively expensive in our area these days though.
    Will definitely date myself to say that I remember Masterpiece Theatre with Alistair Cooke on Sunday evenings in the States too. A dose of culture from across the pond. Marvelous programs that inspired me to read much more! Thanks for evoking Sunday memories, Roz. Have a lovely week.

  5. My mother used to put a roast in the oven (sprinkled with a package of onion soup), with carrots and potatoes, and it would cook while we were at church. We'd return to a house full of good smells, which just made us even hungrier.

  6. As usual a little late on this one. Lol. I miss Sunday family time. We were always together. Even though Mum was Spanish she could cook one of the best Sunday lunches. My Paternal grandfather taught her how to make the best gravy when she came to England. I think we were all very lucky to have had those Kind of Sunday's and great families.

  7. Yes Jan it was a great time, i have always loved my food and we would would walk back from Sunday school I could smell our Sunday lunch all the way down the lane

  8. Thanks to everyone I am so glad it brought back fond memories


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