Friday, 4 March 2016

Our Life in France - And I wait

I look out of my dining room window and espy a world that I don't recognise, they tell me it is my garden but my garden is a wonderfully warm and colourful area where I sit on the decking sipping wine with my very best friend in the whole world who is my John, where we plan all the wonderful things we are going to do (one day) and reminisce about the past wonders that is our life together, the reason I don't recognise it is because it is not summer but this awful wintry watery late winterdom, everything is soggy yet the spring flowers are out due to our earlier attempt at spring which was just to fool us, so I stand here at the window like Miss Haversham waiting but unlike Miss Haversham my love will come.

Of course to make it happen I must get motivated to turn a sod or two, plant a mammoth amount of seeds for this beautiful floral display will not happen unless I put the work in, alas at the moment my will power is at a very low ebb as the afternoon telly is still beckoning me to cuddle into the chair with a warming fire to toast my toes leaving this comfort only to make even more comforting meals to keep us sustained, where my mind wanders to warm hazy days when I can go barefoot and wear sleeveless tops and lazily sit in the Jacuzzi with bubbles easing my old bones after a long fight with the weeds (Mauvaises herbes)
Tomorrow I will look out of that window and who knows it could be the very day that I say " it is time to get out there" and once again the daily conversations with my French neighbour will begin, hopefully this summer I will understand so much more, hopefully she will be pleasantly impressed.

So my dear readers - I wait


  1. Thank you Roz. I thoroughly enjoyed that. Let's me know what's going on. I can't wait for Soring. Summer gets a little toasty but spring and fall are wonderful. Looking forward to the next update. Xxxx


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