Saturday, 5 March 2016

French Life - What a service

Dear Readers,
You are most likely aware that my lovely hubby John as bad knees, he also doesn't like injections and I mean really doesn't like them, well I eventually got him to see a specialist, a very nice lady who told him that his knees were just about as bad as they can get and that she would try the injections in his knees but if she was honest surgery would eventually be his best bet otherwise he would be in a wheelchair, the thought of this is quite scary especially as our house has many stairs, our kitchen and dining room are on a different level to our living room and of course the bedrooms and bathroom are upstairs. It really is time to look for a property that is on one level but it seems so daunting and I am not even sure if we can afford to move, the fee's are so high for the estate agents and then you have to pay so much to the notaire it leaves you with such a small amount for the actual house, This is one that's looks perfect..

Picture 1

Anyway I digress... back to our visit with the nice lady, she informed us that we would have to get the injections ourselves from the pharmacy with a prescription and she would also give John a prescription for some knee supports on our way out along with paying a princely sum  (most of which we will get back via our Carte Vital ) 3 more appointments were made for the afore mentioned injections once a week for the rest of March, next stop was our ever friendly Pharmacist to get the injections, these are all ready in individual syringes and don't need keeping in the fridge, John was taken into the back to be measured for his knee supports, again we use our Carte Vitale, this is the social security card that we are entitled to as pensioners here which pays for 70% of our health care and we have to have a top up insurance for the other 30%.
This was at midday and the Pharmacist said to come back at 17h30 and they would be there and sure enough they were... now that is a brilliant service.
Next stop the till, now for our normal monthly medication we don't have to pay but the knee supports come under a different category and we were expecting to pay quite a lot, the knee supports price was 248€ but we only had to pay 32€ and that we can claim back from our insurance so win win I would say, but what do you think.
The upside is that John can walk much better with them and virtually pain free, the Pharmacist has nicknamed him Robot Cop, love it.

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  1. Tell John I sympathise, I hate needles, but good to know he's feeling supported!!

  2. He has such a bad phobia with needles that it totally paralyses him, he has calming tablets to take when he has to have a blood test

  3. That's great that the supports are helping a lot.

  4. It is a great relief for him as his knees have been so painful

  5. My husband had surgery on his knee and it made it more painful to walk. We visited France afterward and a friend told us about the injections. Wish we'd known that first. He now goes for injections every three months. Can't wait to see what the French can do for his knees.


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