Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Our French Life - I almost forgot

I know forgetting is a sign of old age....I don't need reminding, it seems to be happening a lot lately, well I am putting it down to stress and lack of sleep due to the ongoing cough situation ..

Anyway let's get back to the matter in hand,
the thing I almost forgot, it was this:

This was the most amazing full Moon I have ever seen, it was the one on Christmas Day the like of which we haven't seen since 1977 and we won't see it again until 2034, I am hoping we will still be here to see the next one although we will be really old and wrinkly by then, but I do think our life in France is a far better more relaxed life than it would have been in England, I think we get by far a better health screening and care so that should give us a few more extra years - we are keeping our finger's crossed anyway.

The most stress we have had today, we went shopping for some large storage boxes because we have a store room at the end of a bedroom which has started to take over the said bedroom so we thought let's get some storage boxes, we travelled to our nearest Gifi and decided on the largest plastic boxes (2 of them) at 15.99€ each, we were quite happy with our choice, we then popped across town to Action, and! you have guessed it the almost same boxes were 9.98€ each, yep 6€ cheaper, So I have to bring in to play here one of my Mantra's for 2016, try to find the good in every situation, well to be honest Hubby reminded me by saying "go on then find the good in that" me not to be out done thought very hard for 5 seconds and said " we will need more than the two we have and at least now we know where to buy them cheaper" there was a mumbling as he walked on to the next aisle - bless him..he is still waiting for the day when he gets one over on me.

Have any of you ever grown one of those Amaryllis flowers, I was given one as a gift in bulb form, I popped it into a pot as instructed, for ages it did nothing, Then it started to grow and I mean grow, it reached 30 inches and then it bloomed..

Oh yes and it was supposed to be pink and it is clearly white but beautiful

Speak to you all soon x

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