Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Our life in France - Back at last

Where have I been I hear you all say, well as you know a couple of months ago I handed over my lovely little business to very safe hands and finally hung up the telephone and retired, I can tell you it is pretty scary and at first I really didn't know what to do first as there was so much I had threatened to do once I was free to do it but actually doing it is another thing, I think now things have settled down a little and the weather is a bit better, that said we are expecting a bad storm and Haut Pyrenees is under red alert, hopefully it won't batter my little veg garden as it has taken such a long time to get it going.

The other thing of course is we went to England, first time in 4 years and we were hoping to have a wonderful time alas it wasn't completely to be as - you guessed it - The car broke down AGAIN, yes we had to have a new radiator but not only that they didn't do our one anymore so it had to be made specially, outcome car in garage for 4 days, our sat nav didn't like the change of country either and went completely berserk, nevertheless we did get to see all of our lovely family and that was great, I think we will have to do it all again when we pluck up courage so we can do it properly, nothing stopping us now.

Well the garden as I said is coming on ok but it has been very slow to get going, the vertical garden is looking good and we have had lots of strawberries this year instead of 3 at a time, pictures soon I promise, better go and get the candles out in case we get this storm that is promised so see you all next time x


  1. Welcome back! I hope you are enjoying summer and all of those strawberries :)

  2. Thank you Sara Louise, the strawberries are still coming, raspberries too, we have had a few warm days without rain but I think it will break soon, hope all is well with you ;)


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