Thursday, 4 April 2013

Our French life is very cold

Our French Life is very cold

We woke this morning to a small smattering of snow on top of a very hard frost on top of which is a very chilly wind, I scuttled into the kitchen to double check the calendar - was it really April? this time last year we had a lovely warm climate and I remember saying "this is probably Summer" it turned out to be one of the best months of the year.
Our neighbour said it is extremely unusual weather for the time of year, I know we are in Northern France but in the last 20 years I can't remember it being this cold, mind you most of those years were slightly rose tinted.
I was looking back through old gardening diaries and by this time last year I had got loads of stuff planted

This is a section of our garden this time last year.

Same section of garden same time this year

Definite lack of sunshine and even the grass looks drained this year.
I certainly am waiting eagerly to get out there and get the raised beds planted out.

They are looking so sad with last years dregs of cabbage and mache salade, I might pull them up and give them to the rabbits outside on the green.

We are purposely not planting indoor seeds as we will be going to England in a weeks time for 2 weeks so we might as well wait and plant straight outside, hoping of course that it will be warmer.

The forsythia and Red Robin bush add a lovely splash of welcome colour to the otherwise drab garden.

As earlier mentioned I try to keep a gardening diary and I have found it very handy to look back and see what I did and what did or did not work.

Maybe we should all do a sun dance :-)

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