Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Spring has sprung !

It must be Spring (Il doit être le printemps)

They say you can tell the seasons and the weather by what the French do and this is definitely true with our neighbours, John has a bit of a game going on with our neighbour Jossette, she doesn't like to be beaten when it comes to mowing the lawn and if John happens to get ours done before her she is out straight away to do theirs, well I say theirs in fact next door is a holiday home but Jossette lives the other side of it and tends the garden as if it were her own, if she is out there tidying then we can be pretty sure the neighbours are coming for a visit, anyway the moral of this story is that yesterday Jossette cut the grass for the first time hence (It must be Spring) when asked was it too soon she said non! it is going to rain tomorrow so everything she has to do must be done before the proverbial rain falls from the sky, John has cut ours today, one up to Jossette.

I have been starting to clear the raised beds, sadly all the sprouts were no good as was everything from last year (a very bad year here and in England for veg) but I managed to save the sprout tops because we love them and don't waste anything plus out of the 150 leeks I planted we managed to save 12, 6 of which I gave to my 83 year old neighbour on the other side, Madame Touan as all of hers didn't make it, she loves her leeks and was so surprised that some of mine had made it.

They are going to taste so good with pork chops roasties and gravy.
I am so looking forward to being able to get the vertical garden going again and having a full year on it.

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