Friday, 8 March 2013

Our life in France

Our life in France - beware all you expats - Telephone scams

The Indian call centres have finally found France - we have for the last few days been bombarded with calls from Indian call centres pretending to be calling from Microsoft, they are most definitely not calling from Microsoft - go here to read about it in this article in the Guardian, please be careful out there all of you expats and our French friends of course as they are clearly going through the telephone book.
we were getting at least 3 calls per day until I told them we didn't have a computer and they hung up, this must prompt them to take you off the list as they then have no use for you.

Let me know if you have had such calls please in the comments.


  1. We get these calls occasionally and use the we haven't got a computer as well, which always gets rid of them.

  2. We have had at least 50 of these calls! I usually just hang up on them but a couple of times I have copied my son's idea and asked them if they have children. I then ask what their children will do for food when they are in prison! lol. I also say their mother must be so proud of them trying to con people. It gets them flummoxed when you go on the attack! lol

  3. Hi Ruth, it seems to have worked here as we haven't had any since,
    Mazz I love your answer and will use it if they call again..


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