Monday, 18 March 2013

Our French Life

Our French Life - It is very big and silver.

Eventually the other part of the exhaust has arrived after having been held up in Paris due to the snow delivered by a lovely woman from DHL, she left Nantes at 10.32 this morning and arrived at 11.39, you might as well say an hour, that is going some in anybody's book, she must have broken all the speed limits, and I cannot tell you how pleased we have been with Eurocarparts on the first occasion they sent the right side of the exhaust in 3 days and delivery for a very heavy part was £15.95 the second time it took a little longer due to the bad weather and again for a big part and a smaller one £17.95 delivery, my only bit of advice is don't telephone them but order on line as with the latter you get on line tracking but not with the telephone order, either way they are very good though.
Now we have the part the mechanic isn't available, you couldn't make it up really. we saw him Saturday and said it would be arriving Monday so assumed he was OK to do it but still we wait for the car to be fixed and our trip to England gets closer.

Today to take my mind off things I thought I would tackle the ironing.

I really do feel just like this now - very alien - and a very good likeness some would say.
But I can almost see the bottom of the ironing basket now and am feeling quite good, when I say this to John he says " there is still the pile upstairs" I must have looked like a startled rabbit 

Pile!! Upstairs!! I almost scream at him, "yes the basket was heavy so I took some off to bring it down"
And you didn't think to mention it I screech. I have given up for today having had the go knocked out of me. it will have to wait for another day, namely tomorrow.
today I am done. 

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  1. Ha! Ha! I caught up with my ironing, but then I was to tired for the last two weeks so didn't do it! So you know what that means by next Saturday or Sunday I'll have 3 weeks worth!!!!!
    Can't wait to see you in April. It'll be strange seeing you in England.


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