Friday, 15 March 2013

Our French Life

Our French Life - Fabulous Friday

Yes it is Fabulous Friday again, they seem to come around fairly quickly these days, not like when you were young and wished your life away wanting to be older, we now want to slow it down a little as the years are running away with us.

Anyway Friday is here, the housework is done for the weekend so that we don't have to think when the doorbell goes "is everywhere clean and tidy"

Today woke to a very hard frost and all the daffodils were heads down on the floor but amazingly once the frost cleared and the sun came out they stood up tall again, this weekend kick starts the Vide Grenier season - the french equivalent of a car boot sale, they are indoors this weekend though so won't be so cold, it is the start of me getting out and about, I love it rummaging through all the stuff, looking for things I can recycle and find a use for, I am into the shabby chic thing at the moment, when I say into I mean I am talking about doing it but haven't actually started as yet, maybe I will start soon and take some before and after pictures. that sounds like a plan, if any of our readers have ever done any shabby chic-ing please let us no via the comments.

We have waited all morning for our delivery of the other half of the exhaust coming from England from Eurocarparts click here for their site last time we ordered we did it on line and it was here in 3 days, this time for reasons known only to John he telephoned them and then used a naff card to order, it didn't go through and although they had our email and telephone number they didn't let us know, it was only by chance I was on line banking and noticed the money hadn't gone out, so it had to be ordered again and wait another 3 days, today is day 4 so felt sure it would turn up, just hope it doesn't turn up tomorrow when we are out.

Just had to chuckle at this verse, no wonder they say English is hard to learn, I bet it's the same in French. it was given to us by our French teacher when we said French is difficult -  
I might frame this..

Well the ironing won't wait any longer so had better get a wriggle on, if there are any good friends out there who want to do it for me just let me know, I hate ironing.



  1. Hi thanks for the car parts link, we haven't gotten around to buying a French car yet, and there doesn't seem to be a lot of Volvo dealers in our part of france


  2. No we have friends who came over with an old volvo estate but eventually when things went wrong they found it very expensive to get the parts shipped in, our car is english but french registered, when we needed a catalytic converter for it the garage quoted 1600€ but we got it shipped over for 230€ and that included postage, garages here are a rip off


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