Friday, 22 February 2013

Wow! that felt good..

I did it.

You know I have been learning French for what seems like an entire lifetime, and I am constantly saying to various friends "I am never going to be able to speak and understand this language" and I must say all our friends who can speak the lingo have been extremely helpful when it comes to needing them to translate for us and we don't know quite what we would have done without them when it has been something serious or technical.
We have been toying with the idea that we needed a bigger freezer and couldn't make up our minds whether to go for an upright or a chest (Armoire ou Coffre) but after such a lot of shall we shan't we, it has been decided that we would go for an upright mainly because I am short and probably wouldn't be able to reach the bottom of a chest freezer (Johns words) also stuff gets piled on top of other stuff and then gets left at the bottom, so the decision made we proceeded to look for a perfect freezer, I won't bore you with the details but eventually we found a lovely silver one, this is better than a white one as it will be living in our dining room due to there being no room in the kitchen for it.
The main reason for my ranting is that I went into the shop without a safety net (A translator) and ordered this freezer, arranged delivery and also arranged for the old one to be taken away, they understood me and I understood them, Eureka 
At last it is starting to all fall into place and trust me it felt so good. I will post pictures of the said freezer when it is installed next Tuesday.

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