Tuesday, 26 February 2013

The Big Freeze!

Il est arrivé

One of the things I love about France and there are many in this category, is that when they say they will deliver at a certain time they deliver at exactly that time. we ordered the freezer and delivery was to take place at 10am Tuesday, we are so used to the English delivery, you know "sometime between 8am & 6pm" usually turning up the day after or they push a card through the door having knocked it with feather like fingers that only a bat could hear. anyway 10am came and sure enough there was a knock at the door by the delivery man, Voila.

This is where it is going but John is taking the opportunity to sort out the electrics while the washer and tumble dryer are out of the way.

On the other hand one of the very few things I dislike about the French is their driving and total disrespect for others on the road, the French outlook is when they are on the road you had better get off or be prepared for a confrontation which amounts to a few hand signals mainly but leaves you a little peeved non the less, we had just pulled up outside our house to unload the shopping, John had given all the necessary signals that he was going to be stopping (something the french driver doesn't usually bother with or in fact understand it appears. this meant the car behind should stop as there was a car coming in the opposite direction but no she trundled on through only to find the gap was too small, she then had to back up, the two drivers exchanged the usual arm throwing at each other then turned on us, well me to be exact as they thought I was the driver, I gave my usual gesture back which is a thumbs up, this pees them off a little bit, well.

Tomorrow I will hopefully post the picture of the finished work surface and freezer in place. but judging by the noises John is making it might be Thursday.

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