Thursday, 14 February 2013

The Car Again!

I hate French garages.

Well for those of you who are aware of the problems we have had with our car, the wonderful Opel Omega, it is a Vauxhall really but here it is an Opel.
It has had this ongoing problem for years of shuddering and juddering, not climbing the slightest hill and not changing gear properly (it is automatic) we have over the years spent an absolute fortune on it, anyway Saturday we arranged for our good friend David to meet us at the garage to translate for us (I still haven't mastered this language) also with David was his Daughter Karen who we hadn't seen for some while and her partner Sebastian,
They sent us off for a coffee while they put it on the computer, so off we went into Vitré...

 What a lovely old town Vitré is,
We sat in a cafe which overlooks the train station and had a coffee, then we decided to kill a little time by having a walk around and has we came into a square there was a delightful little market
This lady was selling the most beautiful Squash and pumpkins
And here there was the most amazing bread.

At the allotted time we all went back to the garage to be told they hadn't been able to find the problem and to bring it back in on Tuesday, so off we trundled home with a still poorly car.

Sunday we were going to our friends Elaine & Barry's for Sunday lunch along with John & Pauline, Elaine & Barry have a holiday home here and are on a long vacation and normally live in Bristol England. we were really looking forward to this and we weren't disappointed, we had a lovely time and a lovely meal with lots of chat and laughter.

As you can see I managed to master the time delay to get us all in, mind you it took a couple of goes.

Tuesday was D day, we had to take the car back but this time with no backup for the language, we left her there with the promise they would call us when it was ready, but that's another story for another day.

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