Friday, 15 February 2013

Is the car ready??

Indeed we waited all day along with our friends John & Pauline who stayed for lunch due to the fact they had to run us back to the garage when the car was ready, at 4pm I decided to call the garage and got passed from pillar to post, eventually I spoke to a technician who said it was en route ( I guessed he meant testing it) and it would be ready at 5pm so we all trundled off to the garage for 5pm.
The technician came to speak to us and as I don't understand spoken french too well he managed to make me understand that he thought he had fixed the problem but when he took it out for the test drive it was still shuddering, he asked should he look further, another day perhaps as he was sure he would find the problem. we hesitated as we knew we would be totting up hourly rates like there was no tomorrow but at the same time it had been like it for so long we had to get to the bottom of it so we agreed he would carry on looking but call us if anything too expensive arose.
In the meantime our poor friends had travelled 30 km each way several times and I was feeling very bad about it, I thought I would call our friend Helen who works not far from the garage and ask her to meet us there at 5pmish when she left work, which she did with no hesitation, we are so blessed to have such good friends, we went in and could see that the bonnet was still up on our car and fearing the worst - another day in the garage, after so long of having this problem we had started to think it was never going to go away. The Technician came out and spoke to Helen, it all sounded so technical, but wonders will never cease, they had fixed it and it was ready, she couldn't understand the technical details but it would be itemised on the bill, thank the lord I proclaimed, but now for the bill bearing in mind the last time the car went in it cost us 2,000€
but after two days and a lot of head scratching it was 369€ we didn't think that was too bad although still a lot of money to find.
We said our thank you's and our absolute appreciation to all our respective friends and got in the car to come home, John was so used to putting his foot down to pull away we almost shot across the road, he will have to retrain his gas foot now, I think we were almost waiting for it to start going wrong after a while but no a day later it is still going strong, thank goodness.... Just need a new exhaust part now and we will almost have a new car, we are so glad we don't have to get rid of it as it is a lovely car.

Bottle of wine tonight I think, have a good weekend everyone, see you on Monday

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