Thursday, 17 January 2013

l'hiver est arrivé

- 3 and dropping

Sorry it has been so long since my last post but you guys know what I am like...

It was - 3 this morning in the garden and I suspect we will see lower temperatures over the next few days, the winter has hit at last and the Meteo says we will have snow tonight and tomorrow, up until now it has not been too bad for the time of the year,  we have found most of the sources of draft (these old houses can be very cold and unforgiving) but now we have been here 4 years permanently it seems to be a lot warmer and snug, if there is any cold anywhere it will find me, John however never feels the cold  and I am always saying to him as he is disappearing out of the door put your coat on. but does he listen, no!
We heat the house with a wood burner in the lounge and those wonderful petrole fires with electric fans (we used to call them paraffin fires in England) but they don't smell and are very efficient, we have an oil filled electric fire in the bathroom and that ticks over all the time with electric fire in the bedroom which is timed to come on morning and evening - No central heating for us.

The birds are finding it hard with the cold but we do feed them in fact it costs a fortune to keep them in food, I have realised that the fat balls we put out freeze over night and they can't eat them, so I bring them in and pop them in the microwave to thaw them and break them up so that the birds can eat them, I know it's silly but I would have them all in the house if I could.

The old grey mare in a field near by seems to have lost her foal, I guess he has been sold and she looks so sad, I am worried they leave her out all night in this cold weather and she doesn't seem to have any straw or shelter but I could be wrong, John has drawn the line at me buying a bale of hay for her.

A couple of weeks ago I purchased one of those Halogen cookers and I have to say I haven't turned my big oven on since, I even cooked the whole Sunday lunch in there and the chicken was so moist with really crunchy potatoes, it cooks steak to perfection and real chips too, all very healthy as no fat used.I am very impressed.

Well if the snow comes I will post photo's for you all, please do feel free to leave comments for me..

A demain

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