Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Our French Life - John's got a scooby doo

Hello Dear Readers,

It isn't very often dear John buys anything, he is one of those chaps who doesn't need an awful lot, this is good as it means there is more for me because I need lots 😁,
So Monday when the publicity came through the door and I heard him say, "I could use one of those" I thought I must take a look at what had taken his fancy, but before I reveal it let me take you back to last year in the Spring when John decided he was going to give the decking a good clean and he used the spray jet on his Karcher, now this cleaned the decking beautifully but our cream coloured wall now looked like it had been sprayed by a muck spreader and John has to then clean that but the spray just took the paint off, the only thing for it was to re paint the wall.
John said he would have to get a proper attachment for cleaning the decking, (it does need doing after the winter as it gets slippery) these attachments are nearly as expensive as the Karcher so we have put it off,.... well you guessed it this is what he had seen in the Aldi Marché leaflet.

This is John hiding behind a box

This is the beast that will clean the decking without spraying the wall

We are not skinflints but we hate paying over the odds for stuff and at 21€99 this was a bargain, it isn't a Karcher but it has lots of adaptors so it will fit on lots of different models,....result.

I love it when we find a bargain, John can't wait to use it, sadly it is raining and he doesn't do rain. 😆

Over to you, have you found a bargain, if you did please share with us and tell us all which country.

Look forward to your comments below.


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