Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Our French Life - Brighter days to come

Hello dear Readers,

It really feels as if spring is starting, everything is bursting out all over and it is so refreshing to see things coming to life, there are also new baby lambs dotted about in the fields, sadly I was driving and couldn't stop to take a photo of them, I am sure this time last year it was really cold, I would say even frosty so I hope this isn't going to be a faux ami.

Around the garden there are so many signs of new life, but due to being tied up with other things over the last few weeks and the fact that it is happening so early this year we haven't begun the great garden clean up to sweep the winter away, are we being a bit premature, I hope not.

The Daffodils are waiting to burst into a lovely display of much needed colour

Camellia also with their delicate pinkness are fit to burst

These beautiful crocus, my favourites, so tiny

Hundreds of buds on the lilac tree, my favourite perfume of the garden

I love this little border, it flowers despite being in the shade

It is so nice to see and it really lifts our very low spirits at the moment, I always think the garden looks so sad during the winter months but I guess it is a bit like me and hibernates, I noticed that a field not so far away has the dreaded mole hills, I do hope they march on by and leave my little green spot alone which is looking as if it is ready to be cut but is it too early yet, it is certainly growing at a rapid rate

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Until next time dear friends


  1. Our Camelia has been in bloom for over a month. Our daffodils are about the same as yours. We put cabbage and lettuce and onions in a quick garden yesterday. So ready to enjoy spring. The kiddos are loving and so is Rosie the new pocket puppy!
    I will post a photo later of the Camelia it has been beautiful.
    Love and miss you both
    Jan xxx

    1. Thanks Jan, I have seen the little sweetie in your pocket, she is beautiful x

  2. Your season is far ahead of ours and it must be heartening to see those pussy willow and crocus pop up. Spring is always encouraging!

    Thanks for your visits! They always make me smile!

    1. Jeanie I am glad I make you smile, there is nothing quite like it when you have posted a blog and people take the time to comment x

  3. Love lilacs! They are the scent of all my childhood Easters. I look forward to scouting out all of these signs of spring when we are living in France next year. Thanks for the preview, Roz.

    1. Yes Kiwi Lilac is an adorable fragrance, I didnt know you were coming to France to live, which part?

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