Friday, 18 November 2016

Feeling very humbled

Today I was almost reduced to tears (that doesn't happen very often) I can hear you say, I had been out and about and had taken some random photo's on route back to the homestead in readiness for my next blog, after having a warming drink and a bite of lunch I snuggled in front of my tablet to put dibber to screen when up popped a blog post from a friend, I read her blog and it brought a tear to my eye, before I carry on let me show you my photo's

Now back to my friends blog, but before, let me go back a while so that you understand where I am coming from, over the last 5 or more years I have been really dreading winter and had been getting quite depressed about it, everyone told me I was suffering from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) to the extent that some days I couldn't get out of the door, so this year as Summer ended and the dark nights started to draw in I made a conscious decision to try and overcome the problem, so my mantra was, I love Autumn and all it's beauty, can't wait for winter. every day I would try to find something good and focus on it, I have to say it is working and for the first time in a long while I have been looking forward to it's arrival.

Then I started reading the aforementioned blog and to start with it brought me straight back to the bad dark days of winter in my mind and I felt quite angry with it all, at that moment I was just going to click it off my screen when I heard my mantra in my head, so I carried on reading for I knew my friend always wrote a good blog, well all I can say is I am so glad I did and she didn't disappoint. for now after reading it I understand why and how I felt like I did but why we have to have seasons. Please take a read of this blog here... you must read it all, it is beatiful

   click here 

thank you moisi for the most beautiful blog I have ever read and so well written and also thank you for helping me understand how I had been feeling.

                              💗                💗                💗                     💗                 💗


  1. First off, your photos are wonderful, Roz. You live in a very picturesque area! I've been trying to figure out if that manor house is a private home, or might be a B&B. There are so many small chateaux that accept paying guests. Would be exciting if this was one of them. Second, I just finished reading Moisy's blog that you linked to, and agree it is beautiful. Full of acceptance for the cycle of life and the joy we can find in being a part of it and savoring it, rather than fighting it. Cheers to you both!

  2. Very pretty photos! Getting out is a good way to get more sunshine in winter. And if you can make the dark nights feel like a cozy treat instead of a dark prison, that helps (what I try to do, anyway). You seem to be taking a healthy approach to it.
    Thank you for the tipoff about Moisy's blog!

  3. As a new writer, to have feedback likes this is beyond words. You made me cry. Thank you xxxx keep blogging my friend

  4. Kiwi, most of France is pretty except the big cities which are pretty in a different way, sadly the house is a private house and has little one's playing in the garden during the summer months.

  5. TOF thank you for your lovely words and hope you will read Moisi's blog regularly as she is very interesting


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