Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Last day of August

Hello Dear Readers,

Yes it is the last day of August (Aout) it sort of makes me sad because when I think of September it feels like the summer is over and soon the Autumn will be setting in, I don't mind the Autumn but as you that know me well know I hate the winter, I am like a bear who hibernates, that said, the sun is still shining and we have temperatures of way over 30 degrees most days, in fact we have a canacule (heatwave) and a drought, so it can't be over yet I guess, sadly there are severe water restrictions so we can't water the gardens therefore the flowers are looking sad but we do give every bit of waste water (washing up water etc) for the flowers.

I brought these inside to give them an extra drink, and they have repaid me by looking so beautiful and fresh.

I am feeling so tired from the heat and not sleeping well due to it being too hot so I am taking it easy, John however has decided to sort out the very top roof space, this is a part of the house we haven't renovated and it is literally a roof space but it gets used for all those things we want to store, we haven't used these things for 3 years at least so we really don't want them, Emaus is getting them so someone else can benefit from them,

John making a mess ☺

What are you doing today?


  1. Good for you to clean out the attic. Though it must be hot up there!
    It's really lovely in the south. Hot but not unbearable. Summer should be hot, no? And the nights are very cool.
    Did you know canicule actually comes from the word canine? I always wondered about it--the word made me think of the dog days of summer--and finally looked it up. It refers to the constellation Sirius, which is the Big Dog, and which in late August appears when the sun sets and disappears when the sun rises. So it became associated with the hottest days of summer. I always thought "dog days" meant days when the heat and humidity were so bad that dogs couldn't be bothered to move.

  2. I'm heading off to the Loire Valley branch of the Clandestine Cake Club (CCC) so the morning has been spent making a couple of cakes and this afternoon will be a cake fest. By 5pm I won't be able to face another morsel of cake... :o)

  3. Taste of France
    Thank you for the wonderful explanation of canacule, I had just accepted it as another French word but you have gone the extra mile x
    I love the clandestine cake club idea, I am a diabetic but do like a nice cake now and then, I have clicked the follow button on your blog and look forward to reading every post.x

  4. Roz, I hope the weather cools off soon but the weather stays warm enough that you enjoy it.
    Today is a holiday in the U.S., so that means we have to cook a lot to create a family celebration. I didn't have to do too much though. Now, I'm finally catching up on blogging.
    Love hearing about your daily life in France. Put your name in Mr. Linky for Dreaming of France if you want. Here’s my Dreaming of France meme


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