Friday, 3 June 2016

June in France

Hello dear readers

Yes June! I can't  believe it is June and we still have cloud, lots of cloud, there has been so much rain which of course is making the grass and weeds grow at an alarming rate, Paris has flooded streets as does a lot of Northern France, there is a statue under the bridge over the Seine and they say if the water reaches his feet the streets will flood, well it is up to his knees so I guess they are in trouble, I know a little about flooding having experienced it twice in UK,
But this weather is boring and we are still eating cold weather food, Shepherds pie tonight followed by French Strawberry tart made with Strawberries from our garden

Strangely there were just enough Strawberries for this tart,, call it fate.

The Shepherds pie is our favourite recipe courtesy of the Frugal Queen
You can find her blog here and pick up the recipe

John has been busy for me too, as you know he made Le Spa, a 3 x 3 wooden structure to house our hot tub, well he had all these bits of wood so he has made me some planters to go by our back gate and a great job he has done too, we have filled them with our own compost and a bit of peat, just got to fill with plants now

As for the Sun, still we wait but word has it that it will be here next week, until next time dear reader's


  1. I'm coming to your house for tart, ( ooh missus) and would live to see the pictures of your boxes once planted up Roz, power I'd positive thought re the weather


  2. It was sunny and even HOT in Carcassonne today. Finally!

  3. Dinner sounds good and looks yummy. Steve also is complaining about the rain and how fast the grass is growing. He did say 'some silly person fertilized the yard too'!! He is now giving away fertilizer FREE!
    With the time difference i'm sure you have eaten by now. Was it good???
    Love and miss you both
    Jan xxxx

  4. Hi Jan, yes we have eaten and it was delicious

  5. Roz, Our strawberries are ripe now too, but I made jam instead of tart. We have some small wild strawberries that got into the strawberry bed and I need to weed them all out. But, I suppose this is our last batch of strawberries since we plan to move to France next year.
    Hope your weather warms up soon so you can enjoy the spring before summer is here.
    Come play along with Dreaming of France! Here’s my Dreaming of France meme


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