Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Our French Life - The sun has got his hat off

It is 16th March and the sun is shining so we are in the garden ( well eating lunch at the moment ) John is marking out the patio to put up the Pergola that we have bought to replace the Gazebo we bought last year that promptly blew down and got totally twisted in the Mistral winds that whip across the bottom of the garden, so in the hopes that this solid wooden framework if properly secured in the ground will be the last thing we have to erect for our Jacuzzi, we thought that once up we could actually make wooden sides and put a corrugated perspex roof on to allow the sun and light in, therefore we would be able to jump in the hot tub well into the Autumn and also leave it out over winter and not have to lug it upstairs.

           And so we start

I have of course been supervising, John says it is me being bossy. more pics as we erect it.
Almost done

But the really good news of the day and I am so pleased to tell you that yesterday John overcame is awful phobia with needles and had injections in his knees for his Arthritis, and today he is like a spring chicken, I have to keep telling him to slow down and take it gently but it is the first time he has been pain free for so long and it feels like we have won the Euro millions, and it is all thanks to the health service here which is second to none, everything is done as soon as it is needed, he even had his x-rays given to him on a cd, how cool is that..vive le France..

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  1. Well done you two. Looks awesome already. Can't wait to see the final outcome. Glad John is feeling good. Hope you are feeling better. Love and miss you both
    Jan and Steve xxx

  2. Thanks Jan & Steve, we are going to close it in with wooden planks so that we have a shed and can leave the tub out all year, love and miss you too wish we could share the tub one day xxx

  3. Roz, The pergola sounds terrific and so happy for John's knees. I told my husband about the prompt work on John's knees. As we were walking yesterday, he gave a sigh of pain about his knees and I told him that soon we'll be in France and the pharmacie will fix his knees.

  4. Ah Paulita we get the injections from the Pharmacy but a Rheumatologist has to administer them but it takes 10 minutes, when are you coming to France?


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