Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Our French Life - January has gone

Feb 3rd 2016

Well January has left us already along with my birthday but I had a wonderful day thanks a million to my dearest Hubby and some very special friends (Pauline, John and Brenda), we went to an all you can eat Chinese buffet restaurant, then a little teeny bit of retail therapy followed by coffee and cake at our other dear friends (Sue & John) many thanks for making my day so special all of you..

But what a very mild winter we have had all told (just one or two frosts) lets just hope that mother nature hasn't been pushed to her limits and recoils with the winter later, now as I look out of my window into a very slightly untidy garden (I am sadly a fair weather gardener) I can see all the signs of spring, daffodils prancing in the wind on a superbly sunny day with a chorus of very yellow crocus dotted about to complete the symphony, not to forget the two oh so lonely snowdrops, bulbs of which were given by a friend who assures me that next year they will be more in their numbers as long as I don't dig them up by mistake...The birds have eaten us out of house and home this winter and are ever hungry, so much so that if there is nothing on the table they will send a couple of their bravest to our windowsill to attract our attention, i sometimes wonder, are they the same birds that alight for food every day or perhaps different ones that are passing through, I would like to think that just maybe they are the same ones all the time but we will never know.

Two snowdrops in among the weeds
Crocus as a grand finale

So here is February, normally a very cold month but I am already thinking about getting out into the garden and I have this overwhelming desire to sow seeds albeit indoors, I am a container gardener now as we have patio'd (not sure if this is a real word) over the veg garden but I still like to grow such produce as tomatoes, lettuce, strawberries and anything else that can be grown in a tub, oh yes and the chillies must have them, not sure if I should preserve them in oil or freeze do you do yours my dear readers.

This summer we are going to put the Jacuzzi/hot tub in the gazebo next to the house and have our sitting area on the bottom patio, not sure if it will work but nothing ventured nothing gained, as we are very open and have direct neighbours both sides I am also going to try to grow shrubs and small trees in containers to try to make a screen, as much as I love our neighbours we do sometimes like a bit of privacy, and of course we need some sun shade but it is an area that is open to a cross wind so whatever we have there will have to have concrete shoes... I will take a before and after photo..

I have to move now as I am in John's way, he is putting steels up on our living room wall in readiness for the plasterboard, our walls are wattle and daub and nothing can be hung on them and it insulates the room too..speak soon dear readers and please leave a comment as I do so love to hear from you all.


  1. Love the picture you painted Roz, especially the symphony in your garden.

  2. Thanks so much Moira, I do appreciate your comments


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