Thursday, 1 January 2015


HAPPY NEW YEAR - To one and all and hope you all saw the new year in where you wanted to be and with whom you wanted to be with, John and I spent it with dear friends in the village who are here on holiday from the UK, we had a few drinks and aperitifs nibbles wished each other a happy new year then walked home and promptly went to bed ( we can't hack the late nights anymore)....

2014 didn't start well for us as I was rushed into hospital on 2nd January just as we had picked up our dear friend Joy from the airport and then spent 8 days in there with a Pulmonary embolism so missed her stay completely, sorry Joy!
I have at least stayed in good health for the rest of the year, we got one of those inflatable swimming pools and had lots of lovely hot days to floating about with our blow up chairs,our friend Fernando came for a visit and we couldn't keep him out of it, in fact it inspired him to go and purchase one himself to take back to the UK,  I am not sure what the neighbours thought about it all but they did come out one day and took photo's of us, they think we are mad anyway :)

We also had some good BBQ's

Joy came back in October to have another re-run and was pleased that I managed to stay out of hospital this time, she was also surprised to see that we had finished her bedroom, which we completely made in a roof space from scratch and it must have been nice for her to not have to sleep on the sofa..Sorry I can't find the pic I took of the bedroom so will have to take some more for another time.

Hoe you all had a wonderful welcome and start to 2015 and that it is a year of good health and prosperity for us all...Happy New Year from John and Roz x

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  1. So glad the year improved for you you had us all worried!

    have a great 2015 xx


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