Monday, 12 January 2015

Baking day

Monday is baking day

It isn't often we miss too much from England as most things can be found in some form or other but every now and then something crops up and we think "I could just eat that or even drink that"

It is usually items that are no good for the figure of course, these are such things as fresh cream cakes with English double whipped/clotted cream, proper chocolate eclairs with fresh cream not that chocolate cream they all seem to have here, I am sure if we went to the large cities we would be able to find anything we wanted but where we are it is very rural, they still go out and hunt their dinner - almost  
Don't get me wrong, there are so many delicious things which are French and equally as naughty if not more so as everything is made with pure butter, So last evening my wonderful hubby John suddenly said "I could kill for a Chelsea Bun" so of course being the dutiful wife that I am I scurried around for a recipe for Chelsea Buns, now as you know the recipe for said buns requires yeast and anything bread/yeast like is not always a success with me so I was a little apprehensive. 
I had acquired some while ago a bread hook to aid the aforementioned bread making so I thought I would put it to good use for this venture, it actually made a wonderful light dough which I left to rise for an hour then rolled it out and spread with wonderful aromatic brown sugar/raisins and little unctuous squares of marzipan just to give them another level of flavour, then it was rolled up and sliced into 12 pieces and sat on their ends in a circle to prove again.

Left to rise

Now it is time to brush with Jam (should have been apricot jam but I didn't have any so used plum) sprinkled lavishly with soft brown sugar, now they must be thrust into the hell which is my oven and baked for approx 30 mins at gas 6. 

et voila

Finished article

We have yet to try them as they are cooling down, but we will let you know :)

What did you make today? let me know

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