Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Our Life In France - All or Nothing

Our Life in France - All or nothing:

Yes I know my ramblings have been very intermittent of late, and it is all due to the fact that just over a year ago I completely retired, after working all my life I suddenly had all this time on my hands and it has taken until now for me to realise that I am free, for example: I still do my shopping on a Saturday as that was always the only day I could do it when I had the business, not sure if that will ever change..also there has been some illness in the mix to deal with but onwards and upwards as they say, after all I am in beautiful rural France.

Last year we got rid of the raised beds and put it down to lawn...

Runner beans growing up the gazebo

In the piece furthest away from the house we are going to put one of those inflatable plunge pools, it gets very hot here in the height of the summer and we plan to do a little work either on the house or in the garden then after lunch just sit and chill (in more ways than one) in the cool pool. it will take up most of the space and we will also put a gazebo over it for some privacy until the shrubs grow tall enough.

I still try to grow some veggies in whatever space I have. after all that is part of living the good life in France isn't it? and there is nothing quite like the taste of veg that is picked and eaten within minutes.

My square foot garden with Pak Choi and all sorts of chard - also some sweetcorn which hasn't come up yet

this is an economical way to grow loads of veg in a small space
Well as it is raining here today we are doing our chilling indoors 
and looking forward to a yard arm (Gin and tonic ice n slice)
Watch this space for next posting, may even be the pool up!
We also have quite a few strawberry's, lettuce and cucumbers


I am always happy to read your comments and I will try to answer you all x