Thursday, 21 March 2013

Our French Life

Our French Life - La Voiture 

For those of you who have been following our blog for some while will know of the problems that have bestowed us via the car, well fingers crossed it seems to have now been fixed and she is running like a dream, purring in fact as John says, we have spent far more on getting this car right over the years than it was worth money wise in fact when it was first ours it had this problem of shuddering and doing all sorts of things, our local garage said it was the head gasket and after 4 days promptly charged us 2000€ I am still trying to get over that shock, needless to say we haven't been back to that said garage. it has since 2007 had the same ongoing problem but at last that has now been sorted for what I class as a very low cost, it being the fuel injection being partially blocked, so simple yet nobody could find the problem (needless to say it was something I had mentioned some while ago) but of course I couldn't possibly know what could be wrong with the car being a woman.
Then there was the exhaust, first it was the catalytic converter which a garage quoted us 1600€ plus fitting, we got it from Ebay for £230 including delivery and fitted for 40€, this part was almost half the length of the car, then there was the two front parts of the exhaust again massive pieces from Eurocarparts so now all but the little back box we have an almost complete new exhaust all shiny and bright, you can't hear us coming now in fact it sounds like the engine is switched off.
We are so pleased that after all this time it is finally the beautiful car it used to be, a very luxurious comfortable car, I am glad we stuck it out and didn't get rid of her. just in time for our English trip... sighs with relief.

  • Beware of French garages
  • Use Eurocarparts and Ebay, they are brilliant 
  • Listen to your wife when she tells you what is wrong with the car

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