Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Usual Sunday outing

We spent our Sunday morning searching out a Vide Grenier and found a very small one, although there were only about 20 stalls there was as usual a beer stall and the Salle tables were set up for a dinner for approx 100 people, there was obviously something other than the Vide Grenier happening. but unusually there was a brass band playing at this one which was a refreshing change (thought of you Joy - you know who you are) when I saw the large instrument being played by the chap in the middle..

We had a quick look round and set off back to the car..

I spied this tree and wondered if any of you can identify it, I certainly have never seen anything like it before, it had what can only be described as very long french beans ( obviously it wasn't)

On our way back home we went through a village called Quelaines St Gault, just as we were leaving the village I spotted this strange and unexplained statue which looks like a queen holding a ball, very starnge, she had clearly been there for some years,
On route back to the car I noticed a lake so suggested we take a walk round to get some exercise,

All of these ducks (there were a lot more than in this photo) were asleep until I approached them, so I clicked quickly so as not to force them into the water

Little almost see through mushrooms, I didn't see any Fairy's !

And a very forgotten mini golf course
(Richard you could go here to improve your golf! you know who you are)


Couple of pics of our local Tuesday market, looking very sparse a sure sign the weather is turning

And last but not least the first carrots pulled from the garden and also the first time they have come to anything worth eating, this has got to be due to the raised beds.

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