Monday, 17 September 2012

The Veg with no name!

Well we have spent a lovely weekend, sadly for most of it our camera got left back at the ranch so the pictures are few I am afraid,
(note to self: get a mobile with a camera) also I am very sad as we saw an unusual sight, three magnificant deer complete with beautiful antlers, standing in all their glory in a field, it would have made a wonderful picture, I almost made John crash the car as I squeeled for him to look at them, lurching across him.
Mystery solved

We had been asking all of our French friends about some unusual cabbagy veggies we have seen in many French gardens, explaining them to the French has been somewhat difficult; they have a long stem/stalk and just fairly big leaves splaying out from the top, this bemused all of them, it was suggested they might be broccoli, globe artichauts, Brussel sprouts but no, this was not the case, so the only thing for it was to find some in a garden and take a photo. as we were returning from our weekly shopping trip I spied some in a garden and made John turn around and go back so that I could take a photo and here they are;

And has we were going to a French friends for aperitifs Saturday evening I decided to send the photo to them and they had been very helpful in trying to discover what the illusive veg was, of course as soon as they saw them they knew what they were, well to be precise they didn't know the name but knew they were grown specifically for the rabbits to eat. (they breed rabbits here to eat) and apparently this veg is good for fattening them up.
Maybe we should breed rabbits as we have a rabbit hutch that will house 8 rabbits and we are partial to a bit of rabbit, they are extremely expensive to buy in the shops but readily available here.

We had some really beautiful weather this weekend, now I struggle to understand the spoken french and every now and then I hear this word/phrase that sounds like bouton and it didn't seem to be any word I knew that was associated with the weather as I knew it had to be, it came to me yesterday - at last, it wasn't bouton but beau temps meaning lovely weather, it really was one of those eureka moments.

This wasn't a good picture and I wish you could have seen it as we did as we sat Sunday evening in the garden watching the sun go down after a wonderfully warm day.

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