Friday, 15 July 2011

Day 1 - 15th July 2011

Well we have actually lived in France for 2 & 1/2 years now so I thought it was about time I decided to write a blog of our life here as it is pretty spectacular as far as we are concerned, I will try and do it daily and whenever possible I will include photo's...
Today we are waiting for 4 tyres to arrive from England from Ebay new ones that is, but first I should tell you the saga of the car, it failed the MOT (controlle technique) something had gone wrong with the steering thingy which in turn had caused the tyres to wear only on the inside, the mechanic didn't agree that maybe we should turn them around so that we could use the unworn side. so that's 4 new tyres, a steering thingy and a bit of welding on the exhaust. luckily we have found an English mechanic who doesn't charge the earth. I am guessing the tyres won't now arrive as yesterday was a bank holiday and Friday is usually taken also to give them a long weekend called a pont jour. never mind we have 2 months to get the work done, tres agreable.
It's time to open the du vin rouge to let it breath, don't worry it wont be breathing for long.

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