Saturday, 18 February 2017

Our Life in France, your help is needed

Hello dear Readers,

This blog is a cry for help as I am experiencing real problems with my blog, I really am a bit of a technophobe, my blog has been running perfectly ok since 2009 and now I am having problems with comments, it seems that only people who comment via Google + can be seen on my posts, therefore I am not getting comments from some of you and cant answer, I hate the fact that some of you dear people are commenting and thinking I am not answering, I have tried everything I can and it is not working, I am tempted to open up another blog with a different provider but hate the thought that I would lose everything from the original as it is like a diary to me, if any of you dear readers are able to offer any help please feel free to do so, it will be very much appreciated, please could I ask you to send any help to my email at
I await any help I can get as the alternative would be to shut this blog down


  1. Hi, Roz,
    I'm not proficient at Blogger, but found this set of suggestions that you may want to try:
    Sign in to Blogger.
    Select the blog to update.
    In the left menu, select Settings > Posts, comments and sharing.
    Set your comment location, who can comment on your posts, and other settings:
    Select Embedded, to allow you or readers to respond to other comments on the post.
    In “Who Can Comment,” select Registered User to turn on commenting with OpenID and other accounts.
    Choose how often to approve comments with Comment Moderation.
    Turn on Backlinks to show all links to your blog post on the Internet.
    Click Save settings.
    You can also turn on comments settings by post in the Post Editor.

    1. Thanks Kiwi, I have done all that, it is driving me mad x

    2. Thanks Kiwi, I have done all that, it is driving me mad x

  2. Please don't give up your blog. Others must be having the same issue and complaining, so perhaps Google will listen. If not, there's always Wordpress or Weebly. I use Weebly as it is very easy to set up a page and place photos, but it won't automatically tell readers about new posts. I have to send out an email notice. Every platform has some issues, I guess.

    1. I wont give up Kiwi, I have just disabled Google + so I am hoping it may sort the problem


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