About John & I

Hi, My name is Roz and in 2009 Along with my Husband John we moved to Northern France (Pays de la Loire) department 53, It was a very scary experience I can tell you, we set out with a van full to the hilt with our worldly possessions and two very good friends who tagged along to help us the other end in the very depths of winter, after we had unpacked the van and our dear friends had returned to England we sat and thought what on earth have we done, we had left a perfectly comfortable centrally heated house to come to a 200 year old stone and very cold house, but now 4 years later I can tell you it is the best thing we have ever done. we love every minute of it here where life is so much slower and the simpler things are enjoyed so much more just as we enjoyed life back in the 50's & 60's -  where the only traffic we very often see is a tractor and farmer with a wind reddened face.
The French love to celebrate and do without excuse.
we love our garden and our passion is also to cook especially the produce from our garden, our only sadness is that we still don't speak the language well but we plod on. Oh and I definitely miss seeing my Boys Andrew & Ian
I know we will remain here, at least I hope we do and nothing untoward happens to send us back to England.

It most certainly is the life for us and we whole heartedly encourage you all to do it if it is what you want.

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